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Immortal official


  • E-book format: PDF
  • Language: English
  • Pages:1489
  • Chapter:491


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Ye Xingyuan transmigrated into the body of the only child of the ninth generation. In this strange world of gods and monsters, he studied for imperial examinations, and was granted supernatural powers by the royal destiny. He also discovered that his predecessor had left a cheat for himself!
However, heavenly secrets and Taoism are entangled, gods and mortals love and kill each other, demons and ghosts jump up and down, and Ye Xingyuan, a player with a plug-in, is so sour…


Chapter 1 The Line of Genius waste
Three thousand four hundred and fifty years ago, the morning sun was born on the hill, the smoke curling from the house in front of the house, and the sound of chickens and dogs was heard. It was the dawn of Qianshan Village.
Life in mountain villages is simple, there is not much entertainment, a little wind and wind, will become the village’s hot gossip.
The most talked about in Qianshan Village recently is that last month, Ye Hang Yuan Ye boy, who won the first place in the township social studies exam, was in a coma for three consecutive days. The most promising scholar in the town had become a living dead man, and his sister wept every day.
In the discussion, we all know that there is a cliff stone in the mountain as a wonder, the book on the red three characters “universe”, the pen is dripping, the edge is clear, the practice of calligraphy is good. So Ye Xingyuan and some of his fellow social scholars reached deep into the mountain and climbed the cliff to see the stone carvings.
Others are not abnormal, but only Ye Xingyuan saw the “universe front” three characters, became dumbstruck, eyes motionless staring at for a long time, finally was faint on the spot, scared the students carried him home.
Ye Xingyuan’s parents died, he was in a coma for three days, tired sister Ye Cuizhi came back from her husband’s home, day and night to take care of, so the neighbors also talked for three days.
Another day passed, when Ye Cuizhi went back to fetch rice from her husband’s house, Ye Xingyuan suddenly woke up with a start. She sat up from her bed, sweating profusely, and her brain was groggy, as if she had dreamed a big dream.
Who do not know, at this time the Ye Xingyuan, body soul has been changed into another person, from another time and space.

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