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Daomen big doorway


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  • Language: English
  • Pages:1709
  • Chapter:462


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There is no way to know the way, and you will know it after you cultivate it.
The Daomen proves the Dao, and then it is the Dao of Immortals.
Regardless of reading forward and backward, reading forward and backward, reading forward and backward, reading left and right, reading inside and outside, they are all the way!
Let’s look at how the male and female protagonists experience the ups and downs of the world, live through the shocking life of the world, and experience the taste of people in the world in the overhead world where Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Xuan, and ancient sayings intertwine. , and finally explore everything in the world with great freedom!



Chapter 1 Three Men walk together
It is lever-framed autumn, dream pen born flower mountain is still a school of trees shade, mountain haze clear summer green scenery, but red and yellow color has been sparse and strong, strong autumn scenery.
Dream pen born flower Mountain, is the Oriental special mysterious fairy land on the great school of the Vientiane gate of the mountain where the gate, today is the opening of the gate of the day.
At the end of the day, in spite of all the hustle and bustle, everything was done in order and orderly, and the usual quiet was restored at the foot of the mountain.
Mountain in a winding Panshan road, there are three 14 – to – year – old like carrying bags of young people in the steps, three people in front of a white butterfly fluttering. The road circled, and the boys were already sweating on their foreheads, so at a bend the three of them stopped to rest for a while.
The first man on the left was dressed in a white soapcloth shirt. Although he was the tallest and straightest of the three, he still had a thin juvenile appearance, a long round face, beautiful eyes and eyebrows, and a fair skin.
Now he looked up and closed his eyes slightly at a distant peak, while listening to the words of two people. For the most part, he was composed and rarely spoke. He always had a thoughtful frown on his face, but from time to time the corners of his mouth moved as if he could not help smiling.
A person in the middle of a moderate body, gorgeous clothes, full of heaven, sword eyebrow star eyes, flying in the sky, then positive and negative hand standing, not old but in the tender between a faint and age does not match the imposing momentum, look closely, will find his eyes even when speaking also always inadvertently pay attention to the surrounding environment.
The man on the right was the most short and dark, but he wore a very tight cloth shirt. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a high nose and wide ears, and especially a pair of eyes that were so lively that even his body wriggled in a strange and regular way.

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