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  • E-book format: PDF
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  • Pages:2089
  • Chapter:955


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If someone has practiced Bainiaosheng’s first assassination sword, and this person is still standing in front of you, then… you are already dead! No one can describe the coquettishness of that sword, just like no one can escape the boring fart in a closed car… This is the story of a boring man who traveled to the world of Xianxia.


Chapter One The Sword of Enmity That sword like fireworks in full bloom, has reached the ultimate sword bending! In order to strike the perfect blow at such a critical moment, 100 Birds had practiced 20,060 times in private. He could have practiced it better, but he knew before he swung that it would be a waste of time if he practiced it a hundred thousand times. The president of the world sword will be Dugu courtship, in his self-satisfied in front of tens of thousands of world sword will players, announced that the game will be and the second largest gang Qinglong society for the most critical time of the whole server fire, was his most trusted deputy help 100 birds live a sword kill. A second ago, Dugu courtship glory, a second later, Dugu courtship ushered in the life of the most humiliating “killed by seconds”. This sword, in the most simple and direct way, changed the landscape of “Shu Shan 2”, the most popular fairy tale game in China. Although the sword had a profound impact, the real blow to the world sword was not that the president was killed. Hundred birds born in this big case, less than ten minutes to send a post “the sword of enmous”. This post caused a stir at that time, not only affecting the most popular fairy game “Shu Shan 2”, but also on the front page of more than 60 media headlines, a full heat for 16 months. This piece of humor has a little emotional, sharp with a dull SAO post, directly the world sword will be the last point of morale completely collapse, leaving no residue. The fourth master of Shu Shan 2, Alone, has disappeared from the game, and no one ever sees him in the game again. [Please purchase more content]

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