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Celestial Tribulation


  • E-book format: PDF
  • Language: English
  • Pages:1451
  • Chapter:479


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Immortal calamity arrives, ten thousand immortals perish.
The three thousand worlds collapsed, and hundreds of millions of people died.
Even the supreme immortal can’t escape death.
And in the troubled times, heroes emerge in large numbers, trying to fight for a chance of survival and revitalize the world.
The unknown junior Xiao Han, both of his parents died, and his neighbors were slaughtered. By chance, he worshiped the fairy gate, and occasionally obtained a mysterious magic weapon and the supreme magic formula.
Since then, in the world of cultivating immortals, who are bloody, chaotic, and imminent, they have cultivated supreme supernatural powers and created terrific majesty!
Who is the hero against the sky and cultivating immortals?
Slaughter the heavens as my generation!



Chapter 1 Bastard Dog
There are three thousand great worlds in the universe, and each great world contains countless little worlds.
In every small world there are millions of creatures living and thriving.
All the spirit and wisdom of the living, are in tireless pursuit of fairy path, in order to transcend life and death, laugh proudly in the three thousand world.
The Tianyuan Continent is a continent with rich spiritual spirit of heaven and earth. Countless cultivation schools live on this continent, and there are hundreds of millions of creatures who know a little about the way of cultivating the immortal.
This continent is dominated by the ten Ways of the Gods and the Five Ways of the Demons, fifteen of which are gigantic. All the other little guys, even if they’re super strong, are nothing compared to these big monks.
Taieo-genmun, is one of these giant schools.
The whole school occupied tens of thousands of miles of ground, Taiyixian Palace in the middle, the rest of the layout of mountains and rivers. All kinds of pavilions and buildings, spread around tens of thousands of miles, vaguely formed a huge and powerful phalanx.
At the Taiyo-Genmun, the inner disciples lived in an area where a group of young, well-dressed and energetic monks gathered.
Xiao Han looked coldly at the inner disciple who stopped him in front of him and said stiffly, “Lu Zheng, Xiao Han has never provoked you. I wonder why you stopped me?”

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