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Array shocked the world


  • E-book format: PDF
  • Language: English
  • Pages:1369
  • Chapter:455


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Born in Tianlingxing, Nie Wushuang, the concubine son of the martial arts family, married Zhang Xuanying, the daughter of the Zhang family of Confucian scholars, and formed a small family that was not wealthy but happy.
With the death of his mother, his wife embarked on a journey of self-cultivation with the immortal teacher, breaking the warm and comfortable life of the past.
In order to find his beloved wife, Nie Wushuang, who has spiritual bones but no roots of wisdom, devoted himself wholeheartedly to the practice, looking forward to reuniting with his beloved wife one day.
An unexpected soul intrusion gave Nie Wushuang the opportunity to step into the fairyland.
The vast starry sky, the vast world, where is my beloved wife? What kind of epic did Nie Wushuang and his soul friend Luo Dong perform during their journey to find his wife?



Chapter 001 The Family of Warfighters
When I opened the door, a round of red came into view. The green flagstones in the courtyard appeared to be a little dilapidated. The rosy rose in the corner was planted by my mother and kept taking care of every day, swinging gently in the breeze of June. The two centuries-old locust trees at the door are strong enough to be hugged by three people, but they are still full of vitality and leaves.
After dressing, Nie Wishuang walked to the middle of the yard, facing the red sun, legs differential, arms slowly raised, suddenly moved up, both fists tiger wind, legs such as wheels, half pillar incense, will a set of Nie boxing from beginning to end, a move a style of play meticulous, precise.
After finishing a set of Nie’s fist, he folded his arms and took a long breath, like a whale swallowing a rainbow. A wave of air blew his long hair dancing with the wind. Gently move the hands and feet, slowly take work. Walked to the corner, hands clasped a half meter high green stone, muscle grave, capacity in the waist, the green stone in his arms, step by step to the courtyard, gently put down.
From the corner to the courtyard, but more than 20 steps, but let Nie Wishuang body sweating, this 300 pounds of stone, for only 16 years old Nie Wishuang, or too heavy.
Wipe the sweat from his forehead, Nie Wishuang sat on the green stone, facing the red sun, half closed his eyes, his hands in front of his abdomen formed a strange handprint, breathing slowly.
Sucking like a whale swallowing the sun and the moon, calling like a river running back.
But a quarter of an hour, Nie Wishuang body around, there is a thin layer of yellow fog, his whole body wrapped in fog. The mist thickened as he puffed and puffed until he was completely invisible, only a yellow mist stretched and stretched.
After an hour, the yellow mist gradually thinned until it was all inside the body. Nie Wishuang body bones issued a “beba” sound, from the green stone down, green stone left a clear sweat stains. The immobility seemed to be more strenuous than a set of Niejia boxing.

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